About US!

Affinity Health Products has been around since the beginning of the millennium. It started out as a Multi-Level Marketing company with Sea Energy, the liquid vitamin and then added Lose and Snooze, the One Day Diet, Alli-C and many other fine products. It changed its name to and had a big boom in growth but then dropped. In 2007 Sildem Gandy started working for the company as COO. He invested in the company and strove to get it going again. The owner developed a product called Real Water, an alkalized water, that he decided he wanted to work with and drop the other products. Sildem made a deal with him and in December 2008 bought the health products line. He chose the name Affinity Health Products, Inc. It has no connection with or the former Affinity Health Products. Since then he has been working on expanding the company.

Our intention is to provide the public with excellent customer service and the finest most innovative natural health products available.


Sildem Gandy

When he is not working on researching and adding more natural health products to the company’s product line, Sildem likes to socialize with his friends, ride his motorcycle, study physics and theorize about the origins and nature of the universe. Don’t get him started talking about it unless you have time to kill!

VaLlarey L Gandy

General Manager

VaLlarey came into AHP in 2016. When she isn't working hard on our website she loves spending time with her kids and cats!